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Drug Free Male Enhancement

Drug Free Male Enhancement

Maybe you’ve recently been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction—or maybe you’ve noticed the symptoms on your own, and are exploring your options to treat this condition and restore your body to its full sexual health. If you go online in search of treatment options, the first recommendations almost always include the use of drugs, surgery, or other painful and invasive procedures that treat erectile dysfunction while creating other health risks.

This approach to treating ED doesn’t work for everyone—especially when those treatments bring other side effects and risks that could create new health problems to address. Fortunately, modern medical science has developed new, effective interventions that deliver proven results with no use of drugs, surgery or other invasive procedures required.

Want to treat and even eliminate your erectile dysfunction without compromising other aspects of your physical health? Read on for more information about our evidence-based methods of providing safe, effective male enhancement to our patients.

Understanding Your Drug-Free Male Enhancement Treatment Options

When starting your search for an effective and safe treatment for erectile dysfunction, it’s important to understand not only the relative safety of potential treatments you’re considering, but also the efficacy or those treatment options.

A pain-free, drug-free treatment is only beneficial if it can successfully treat erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual performance. Unfortunately, too many alternative treatments based on pseudo-science have failed to deliver proven results that address or eliminate ED in their patients.

Focused linear compression therapy isn’t like those impostor treatments. With FLCT, patients receive low-intensity shockwaves that are targeted to the vascular structures in and near the penis. In many cases of ED, damage to these vascular structures is affecting blood flow and obstructing your ability to get an erection. Through low-intensity shockwave treatments, patients are to rejuvenate these structures, stimulate new cell and blood vessel growth, and promote increased blood flow into the penis when attempting to get an erection.

This innovative treatment intervention delivers the measurable results you expect for more intensive, invasive and painful treatment methods, but it does so using safe, non-invasive and drug-free methods that carry no side effects.

The Benefits of Improving Male Sexual Performance Without Drugs or Surgery

Wondering why you should opt for a drug-free, surgery-free treatment method over more traditional interventions for ED? Here are some of the benefits that come with low-intensity shockwave treatments:

  • All treatments are outpatient, with no recovery required. Treatments are completed in about 20 minutes, and patients can resume their daily activities once these treatments are complete.
  • Painless procedures. If you’re leery of undergoing painful procedures, these shockwave treatments are completely pain-free.
  • Non-invasive, drug-free treatments don’t carry any side effects. Worried about side effects or health complications? While medications and surgery each bring their own set of risks, non-invasive shockwave therapy poses no potential side effects for patients.
  • Focus the effects of treatment on the medical issues you want to address. While drugs and surgery can have health impacts on other parts of your body—as well as your mental health in cases of drug use—shockwave therapy is targeted to specific vascular regions of the body.
  • Fast results to quickly improve sexual performance. Surgery and other treatments can involve a long recovery and unknown results, which can force you to wait a long time before learning whether your sexual performance is improved. By contrast, low-intensity shockwave therapy is quick to implement and can deliver fast results.

A Proven Approach to Optimizing Erections

Don’t take our word for it: While we see the positive results of non-invasive ED treatments on a day-to-day basis, a large body of medical research and patient surveys can attest to the safety and efficacy of low-intensity shockwave treatments, easing the fears some prospective patients may have about the legitimacy of this innovative intervention.

From a medical perspective, a wide range of research studies have hailed this non-invasive treatment method for its success in delivering outcomes for a wide range of patients. Different studies have singled out this treatment option as a “revolutionary treatment” and a “long-term fix for ED“.

The vast majority of our patients agree. Surveys of past patients have found that more than 80 percent of ED patients are so satisfied with low-intensity shockwave therapy that they have quit their use of erectile dysfunction medications. More than 90 percent of those patients have reported improved sexual performance, and would recommend the treatment to others struggling with ED.

Effective ED treatments shouldn’t create other health concerns and complications. If you’re interested in a proven ED treatment that won’t expose you to unnecessary risks or discomfort, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists today.