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All waved-based therapies are NOT the same; there are VAST differences between providers and devices. Our patients and the medical community deserve to know the facts about wave-based treatments and identify the misinformation and inaccurate claims made by some Acoustic Wave Therapy providers. 

Focused and Linear Compression/Shockwave Treatments (FLCT) are therapies that have been studied for over a decade and have proven successful. FLCT can restore your natural ability to get and maintain an erection. The most egregious and prolific false claim is the Radial or Acoustic Wave devices are the same as Focused and Linear Shockwave Devices. This is false.

The vast majority of providers of wave-based ED treatments in the U.S. use Acoustic Wave devices. They usually refer to themselves as Same Wave, Pains Waves, New Wave, or some other name ending in wave. Some Acoustic Wave providers use terms like New Pulse Protocol or Pulse Protocol. Almost all of these providers are using the same Acoustic Wave technology. Acoustic Pressure waves are not the same as Focused Linear Compression or Shockwaves.   

The Differences between Acoustic waves and Shockwaves

Acoustic waves travel at the speed of sound at only around 10 M/S, carry no compression force, and cannot generate the physical properties required to stimulate tissue regeneration. Low-intensity Shockwaves, also called Compression waves, travel faster than the speed of sound at 1500 M/S or about 150 times the speed of an acoustic wave. They possess the essential compressive force required to stimulate tissues in the body without harming them. This tissue stimulation is needed to initiate the body’s healing process.  Acoustic waves do NOT possess the same physical properties required to be effective. 

Focused Shockwaves

Focused low-intensity shockwaves, also known as Focused Linear Compression Therapy (FLCT), are effective because the appropriate energy is focused directly to the target area and does not affect the outer tissue. It does not cause pain or tissue damage. Virtually all of the quoted studies used focused and linear low-intensity shockwave devices, NOT acoustic devices. 

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