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Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) With Focused Linear Compression

Many men struggling from erectile dysfunction have already experienced the disappointment and frustration of so-called treatments, therapies and home remedies that promised to cure their condition—only to leave them off no better than before. For this reason, it’s hard to blame chronic ED sufferers for being skeptical when new treatments and therapies are hailed as the next solution to their erectile dysfunction.

Yet even in the face of that pessimism, many skeptics of ED treatments are being converted into believers by a new, science-backed treatment known as focused linear compression therapy. Even if past erectile dysfunction therapies have failed to deliver their promised results, clinical research has shown that this innovative treatment may be the breakthrough intervention many ED patients have been waiting for.

Read on to learn more about FLCT, the evidence behind this new approach, and the reason for its rising popularity among men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

What is Focused Linear Compression Therapy?

Focused linear compression therapy, or FLCT, is an innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction that increases blood flow to the penis through a series of short, pain-free treatments that stimulate blood flow and nerve tissue development in and around the penis. It is best-known for its ability to facilitate erections in men who suffer from vascular disorders affecting the penis.

Unlike other treatments that may require surgery or minimally invasive procedures to treat erectile dysfunction, FLCT offers a completely non- invasive, needle-free and pain-free treatment backed by multiple research studies. It also comes with no known side effects or required recovery time, making it an easy treatment even for individuals with busy schedules or a laundry list of responsibilities.

What Does Shockwave Therapy Do?

FLCT is a noninvasive process that stimulates blood flow and blood vessel development through small shockwaves that are delivered through the vascular material of the penis. These small compression waves stimulate a number of regenerative processes in the penis, all of which can help repair vascular damage that may have developed over years and decades.

By eliminating blood vessel plaque, opening up blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new vascular structures and nerve endings, these small shockwaves are successful in rejuvenating the vascular material of the penis to dramatically restore a person’s ability to produce an erection. In some cases, men experience an enhancement to their sexual health that makes them feel years younger.

These shockwaves have also been successful in improving not only the ability to get an erection, but also the strength of that erection and the quality of sensations experienced by men during sexual arousal.

The Scientific Case for Using Linear Compression Therapy for ED Treatments

A lot of purported erectile dysfunction treatments have been promoted as transformative interventions for men suffering from this condition. But no other treatment has been met with such widespread praise for its positive effects in a number of men struggling from vascular impediments to getting an erection.

In one prominent research study, every man receiving shockwave therapy treatments for their erectile dysfunction was found to experience an increase in blood flow to their part of their body, illustrating the measurable benefits of FLCT on the vascular structures within the penis. Other research studies have hailed this intervention as a “revolutionary treatment” that “significantly improved” outcomes for men with mild to moderate ED, without any identifiable side effects.

More recently, research has shown the benefits of broader applications of shockwave therapy treatments to support patients suffering from ED as well as concurrent health issues such as diabetes and Peyronie’s disease. As the research around FLCT grows, the case in favor of this treatment method only seems to grow stronger.

Linear Compression Therapy: How to Get Started

With more than 90 percent of patients reporting improved sexual performance and overall satisfaction with their shockwave therapy treatments, many individuals suffering from ED are eager to take the first step toward receiving these treatments for themselves.

The journey to improved sexual health and effective ED treatments begins with a no-risk consultation with an erectile dysfunction specialist. During this meeting, you will discuss your history of erectile dysfunction and undergo an ultrasound to have the vascular structures in and around your penis evaluated. This baseline ultrasound will help clinicians confirm that your case of erectile dysfunction will be well-served by these shockwave therapy treatments, clearing the way for you and your clinician to develop a treatment plan aimed at rehabilitating the vascular structures in your penis.

Even if you still have reservations about the efficacy of focused linear compression therapy, there’s no risk in meeting with a clinician to learn more about this treatment and how it might deliver the relief from erectile dysfunction that you have been seeking for years. The more you learn about this innovative treatment, the more convinced you might become to see for yourself whether shockwave therapy can make a difference in your erectile dysfunction.