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Visiting an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic: What to Expect

Visiting an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic: What to Expect

When you’re ready to seek out help for your erectile dysfunction, choosing where to receive this care is an important step on the road to treatment. As with any type of medical care, patients want to find a reputable provider they can trust—and when it comes to men’s sexual health issues, comfort and confidence in this relationship is a top priority.

As you prepare to book an appointment with an erectile dysfunction clinic, it can be helpful to get as much information as possible about what you can expect from not only your initial meeting, but throughout your experience as a patient of that clinic. We want patients to approach our clinic with full confidence in our providers and our clinical process, which is why we’re happy to offer more insights into this experience and what you can expect as a new patient.

Making the Decision to Get Erectile Dysfunction Help

Once you’ve made the decision to find professional help for erectile dysfunction, you’ll need to start the process of vetting ED treatment providers. If you’re new to this process, the task of comparing providers and identifying the right fit can be overwhelming. To help you out, here are some simple characteristics to consider when evaluating these providers:

  • The types of treatment options offered by each provider. If you’re looking for surgery-free and/or drug-free interventions, for example, you might be able to eliminate providers whose first lines of treatment involve invasive procedures and/or the use of medications. If you’re determined to seek out a particular type of treatment, you can narrow down your list by limiting yourself to ED treatment providers offering that intervention.
  • The clinic’s success rate for ED interventions. How effective are the treatments offered by any particular clinic? Ask prospective providers for data points regarding their success rates both overall and on a per- treatment basis, if available.
  • The provider’s ability to work with your specific health challenges. Erectile dysfunction has many different causes and complications , and the existing of underlying medical issues can complicate or change your recommended approach to treatment. Whether you’re suffering from prostate issues, cardiovascular problems, mental health challenges or other health issues, seek out a provider with experience treating individuals with the same or similar background.

What to Expect When Visiting an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic

It’s normal to be nervous when making your first visit to a clinic as you start the ED treatment process. For many patients, a little insight into this process can alleviate anxieties and give them more confidence about the process they’re about to start. While this process can vary from one provider to the next, a specialty clinic like Peak Performance for Men will take patients through the following process:

  • A no-obligation consultation. This consultation is your opportunity to meet with ED treatment providers, discuss your health challenges, and learn more about the clinic and how they might be able to help. It may also cover more specific information such as treatment timelines and cost.
  • An overview of treatment options and processes. Since each clinic may offer different treatment processes, this first meeting will help you learn more about the available treatments for your ED.
  • A preliminary ultrasound to evaluate the cause of your ED. An ultrasound can help clinicians evaluate the poor blood flow into the penis , which can help inform their approaches to treatment.
  • Additional examination and evaluation of your medical history. From a preliminary intake to a more thorough physical examination, this can supplement the blood flow ultrasound to give clinicians a better sense of your overall physical health and treatment needs.

How Can I Find the Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Near Me?

When seeking out treatment for ED, some patients will be determined to find a clinic that offers a specific type of treatment for erectile dysfunction. Other patients may prioritize working with a clinic that has a strong reputation and high success rates in treating erectile dysfunction.

Whatever your goals may be, there are several approaches you can take to find the best options available in your local area. In addition to reading online reviews from patients who have worked with these clinics, you should contact the clinics themselves asking for any information about their treatment methods and success rates. If you are seeking urgent help for your ED, you should also ask if there is a current waitlist to become a patient at that clinic, and/or what the average treatment timeline is for patients at that clinic.

In many cases, it is also to your benefit to work with a clinic that specializes in ED treatments, rather than a more generalist medical or sexual health clinic where ED and men’s sexual health issues are part of a larger spectrum of medical services provided to patients. By working with a clinic that focuses solely on men’s health issues, you can enlist the medical support and care of professionals with broad experience in treating your condition.

When you’re ready to seek out erectile dysfunction help, set yourself up for success by working with a clinic that has the credentials and treatment options that matter most to you—and schedule an initial consultation to get started on the road to recovery.